About Us

BacklinksHQ was created to help make getting backlinks easier and more manageable. It is currently a very hard and time consuming process to get backlinks, and as a (new) website this can be very stressful and daunting. We have created so many websites over the years and we have found that the most difficult aspect of it all was getting backlinks and ranking. There was no one place to go for backlinks, to connect with other bloggers and website owners with similar interests. 

When it comes to getting backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization) and Google search engine, there are so many ways to get backlinks but they require a lot of time and effort. You need to be searching all over the internet – high and low for a website willing to work with you and give you a backlink. You can contact thousands of websites and scour through so many directories, blogs and sites for information and contacts, just to find out that many if not all will not reply when contacted. 

There are so many methods for getting backlinks that are time consuming and difficult like blogger outreach and guest posting. Then there are those that cost a lot of money like content marketing agencies, SEO agencies and PR agencies.

So we thought of creating a place where bloggers, news sites, authority blogs, niches and all others can come together and tell you they are looking to give backlinks. In exchange for a backlink you could do a task like writing an article or giving them some assistance with their website or something similar. BacklinksHQ is a FREE marketplace and we do not charge any listing fees. 

There is no need to waste hours looking through the internet for backlinks from blogs and sites, knowing that most will never reply. Come to the backlink marketplace, where you know you will find bloggers and websites that are willing to give a backlink in exchange for a task. There is no need to waste time anymore. All our members are listed under categories, so you just pick the category pertaining to you, and select the task you are willing to do for a backlink.

BacklinksHQ is a marketplace for SEO (search engine optimization) backlinks and we do not allow or recommend our members to charge for backlinks, there is no place to accept payment on this site and Google also condones accepting money for backlinks. This is a place where we do some work in exchange for backlinks. A place where we are all united and can help each other out and not waste time looking around the internet for sites and backlinks. 

We come together here as a community of website owners, bloggers, editors, publishers, experts, journalists and everyone else, to help each other in exchange for backlinks – nothing else should be offered in exchange. 

Much Love People,